Wura Manola, Wedding Planner & Educator

"Jody-Ann definitely knows her stuff! I have followed her recently on social media and every day I learn something valuable for my business just from her posts. I have been looking for a simpler way to plan my content and up my engagement and I bought the social media starter pack for wedding planners. This is a MUST have for wedding/event professionals who are looking to up their engagement and attract new clients. It has everything! I fully recommend The Event Certificate, you would not be disappointed!!"

Jody-Ann Rowe Wedding Industry Educator


The 3-step Framework to Finding Clients for your Wedding Planning Business Online.


Jody-Ann Rowe Wedding Industry Educator
Jody-Ann Rowe

A Jamaican-born, Canadian-packaged, Educator, YouTuber and Mango Lover, obsessed with all things marketing, who started her business from the couch in her condo and turned it into a 6-figure biz. Now, I'm teaching you all my tricks!

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